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My journey


I am so happy to be returning to Japan and working once more with Rumi, Katsu and Katey to bring the wonderful offering of “Motherhood yoga”. I feel it draws together the inspiring principles of birthlight practices in a joyful and relaxing way, helping us to focus on this challenging and extraordinary time of life.

My journey started with the birth of my first child my daughter Kayla who has just turned 30. I knew nothing about birth and babies but with the nurturing of my friend and my own mother I felt I had found my joy in life. Since then and the birth of my three boys I have felt drawn to support other women and their families and have been working with Birthlight for over twenty years.

I was blessed to first meet Rumi when she travelled to Australia to attend courses there, so it’s a real delight that several years later she now not only teaching in Japan but also organising these courses. It has been such a pleasure to welcome people from different countries too and I very much hope you can join us this summer.

My journey